A video of the premier performance is now available at 'Return to Granite Island' video page

Return to Granite Island poster

Looking back on another time
He left the island around 1939
With one son gone as he headed for home
To search for fields of roses and gold

As a child he grew up on those shores
Searching for treasures in an underwater world
But when the song of the south blew him away
He rode the waves and knew the wind would bring him back some day

To Granite Island
Won't you take me home
I need an island of my very own
The days are short and the nights are cold
Oh, Granite Island won't you take me home

It's 2 am
Time to ring the bell
Two-thousand pounds of finely crafted hell
But it's the only voice that will lead her around the stone
And it's my only choice for not feeling so alone


It seems that one man is trying to get away
From the blistering waters and an isle of decay
While another man considers this his pot of gold
He wants to follow the rainbow home
To Granite Island

Well, the days have passed on the land of this place
The bell is hung again, tow-thousand pounds of grace
The light no longer shines, but there's a special glow
Of a man who went away, and a man who rode the wind back home

CHORUS to end


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