A Wedding at Granite Island 6/15/2002

Smith-Cherrette wedding on Granite Island.

(Video is 2 minutes 17 seconds in length)

An ADVENTURE of a wedding. Five boats and 45 people left the Upper Harbor for an outside wedding at the "Rock". Three boats and 30 people finally arrived for and interior ceremony. Braving 3 to 5 foot waves out of the North, the Oluf Mechalson, the Granite Islander and the Carver made it. Rain and wind created quite a challenge but the South landing and new dock provided a safe arrival in the lee of the island. The parents of the bride and groom, the grooms suit and the marriage license were in returning boats but the Zodiac caught up with them and retrieved the suit and license and the event went on when the pastor arrived. Cousin Warren's fiancÚ Amy Cherrette made her entrance, with the dining room for the altar and the spiral tower staircase as the "aisle", to the music from "Titanic" as the guitar player didn't make it. The pastor had to be rushed back for a more traditional 2:00 wedding at the Methodist church in Marquette. The couple departed for a circle tour around Lake Superior for their honeymoon following a reception at Marquette Mountain.

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